The Single Gal's Playbook for Online Dating

100 Dates in 100 Days: Nailing the Man of Your Dreams Without Getting Screwed

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100 Dates in 100 Days

Does trying to find the one have you feeling a bit defeated?

Is the whole dating game starting to annoy you?

Do you feel like you could be investing your time more productively for a much more successful return?

You’re single. You’re fed up with dating. You can’t help but feel like you’re doing it all wrong.

Well imagine how author Neha Gupta, successful entrepreneur and bestselling author, has felt over the last 10 years as she’s watched her empire soar - and her love life flounder.

Have you ever had your mother manage your online dating profile? Didn’t think so, but author Neha Gupta has, and she’s sharing the rest of her dating do’s and don’ts in this laugh-out-loud, behind-the-scenes tale of what it takes to find true love.

Add in the pressure from her strict South Asian family, a penchant for falling hard and fast, and you’ve got yourself the perfect dating survival guide for the 21st century.

Join Gupta as she embarks on a journey of 100 dates in 100 days – an adventure that is sure to have you reinvigorated and ready to continue on your journey for love.

In this adventure of no-holds-barred dating, you’ll learn, you’ll laugh, and most importantly you’ll lighten up a bit – and remember that this is all part of the fun.

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